Aim of the Foundation

In her life and career, Dr Vivian Ulumma Obiodu (nee Chukwu) was an inspiration to young girls, encouraging them to follow their passion to study science. To continue her legacy, her family have set up the Dr. Vivian Obiodu Foundation to continue supporting girls, especially academically-gifted girls, to fulfill their dreams too.

Activities: the "1 = 50" Goal

In Phase One, the Foundation will focus on its "1 = 50" strategic goal: to inspire and support the training of 50 female medical doctors from Umuna Okigwe (Imo State, Nigeria) to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Vivian.

This will include giving an annual cash award of N50,000 (~£120) for 6 years to all girls in the community who are studying for an undergraduate medical degree. The Foundation will also work with local associations, religious bodies and other charity organisations to inspire and encourage girls in the community to study to become doctors. As at May 2019, the Foundation is supporting 3 students with annual bursaries.


The Foundation is funded from all the donations received during Dr Vivian's funeral events in the UK and Nigeria, and via Paypal. In total, £3,428 (N1,611,160) was received and 47% of this has been utilised/disbursed as at May 2019. The Chukwu and Obiodu families have committed to continue funding the work of the Foundation until it meets its "1 = 50" goal.

All donations to support and expand the work of the Foundation are warmly welcomed. This can be processed through the Paypal link below or please use the Contacts form to reach us.

Dr. Vivian Obiodu Foundation

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